Friday, 10 July 2015


New music from Luxury Drive

The Long Awaited Brand New Release Titled 'DANCE FLOOR' from LUXURY DRIVE
Has Just Hit On iTunes

The Band Describe the Track As An Eclectic Blend Of Disco Fused With Boppy Melodic Electro Tones Majestically Directly Relevant to Fashion, Sophistication

The Song Is Also Available In Three Seperate Versions; a Compact 3 Minute Single, An Extended Mix (With Downtempo Intro), and An Edited Mix for Streaming Which Incorporates the Intro Plus a Shorter Uptempo Section.

Luxury Drive's Fictional Lyrics Are Optimistic and Refer to Getting Together for a Night Out In the City. 

After a Joyous Drive Together Along a Glamorous Boulevard, the Red Carpet With the Dance Floor (Heralded By a Neat Doubling Of the Tempo) Become a Place to Show, Leading to Admiration and Inspiring Thoughts Of a 'Romantic Destination'.

Dance Floor’s Arrangement Is Characterised by Multilayered Rhythmic Textures Backed By Strings. The Slow Tempo Orchestration Of the Extended Mix Is Underpinned By a Slightly Sinuous Bass Which Resolves Into An Atmospheric Dance Track With Rocky Choruses.

It Has a Rather Seductive Bass Riff, Which Grants That the Song Is Re-assuringly Classic Disco!
However It Is Also a Thriving Contemporary Interpretation Of Popular Dance Music. The Jangled Guitar Style Synths and Textures Give An Exotic Ambience Whilst the Orchestration Encompasses the Spirit Of Further Adventure. Potentially the First Of An Untitled New Genre!

London, United Kingdom

Luxury Drive’s New Track In 2015 Is Called Dance Floor. and Is Available Now on iTunes 

Check Out the Band's Newest Track Right Here :: 

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