Thursday, 26 February 2015

Saturday's Fashion Show Event Meant Right Back to The Roof..

Friday 20th Saw Another Knockout Packed Fashion Show Event at The Kensington Roof Gardens..

The Fashion Show Featured the lntricate Designs of Agnes for DM-Style
DM-Style Barogue Styl Collections 

Laura Laurita ~ Professional Music Artist and Dancer Modeled the Skillfully Crafted Designs of Agnes for DM-Style
DM-Style Barogue Styl Collections 

Roof Gardens Punters Really Were Spoilt for Choice As There Were Also Plenty of Music Acts on the Night to Keep Us Equally Entertained! 💃

            More Band Details to Follow 

      ..The Band Kicked Off a Lively Set

                      ..The Band
         ..The Band Consisted of An Acoustic Guitarist and Talented Female Vocalist
                         ..The Band
 ..Everyone By Now Were Out of Their Seats and lnto the RoofGardens Standing Area

             ..So Much Great Energy

                      ..The Band

Laura Laurita Dance Act Stops for a Picture ln the Talented Designs of Agnes for DM Style! 

This Was My Third Time Since 2012 Embarking Upon the Hand-Made Work of This Very Highly Skilled Designer Daiva of Her Own Self Branded DM-Models Under Her Label: DM-Style.

Daiva of DM-Style 

There Were Plenty of Music Acts on the Night..

The Ever Lovely Laura Laurita Wearing Designs by Daiva of DM Models Masquerade and Costume Wear. 
Locate The Brand at: 

Agnes's DM-Style Barogue Styl Collections Continue to Be Available 
for Photoshoots, Hiring, Modelling & Fashion 

Pictured: Nets with the DM Models © 2015  x.  

This Time Around, the Collection was a Real treat, Featuring An array of Wonderful Fashion Masks Made Out of Lace.

Altogethether Ace!


Drabužiai: DM Style
Šukuosenos: Sandra Žebrauskiene, Gintarė Reinikytė, Sabina Perevožčikova
Makiažas: Andželina Rusplaukytė, Anastasija Marozaite, Dovilė Vasyliene, Toma To Ma, Živilė Akstina.
Gėlės: Agnes V Flowers
Muzika: Laura Laurita
Nuotraukos: Gyles Photoart ir Miglė Blažytė

The Writer : 

ls An Experienced Model and Mentor
Events Blogger for the Fashion, Lifestyle & Entertainment lndustries

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