Friday, 20 March 2015


lt Was Happy Birthday to Screen Actor Walter Bruce Willis!

Pictured: Willis at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con International ref. © 2015 Wiki Commons 

am Sure That Those Around ln the late 80s Will Recall American Actor, Producer, and Singer Bruce Beginning His Career in the Hit Television Witty Detective Series 'Moonlighting' most notably as David Addison in Moonlighting Which Was a Firm Favourite for Me Growing Up at Around This Era! 

Bruce is Perhaps Also Best Known for His Role of John McClane in the Die Hard Series Also. Bruce Has Appeared in More Than Sixty Films, Which lnclude Pulp Fiction , 12 Monkeys , The Fifth Element , Armageddon , The Sixth Sense , Unbreakable , Sin City , Red , and The Expendables 2 .
Motion pictures featuring Willis have Grossed US$2.64 Billion to 3.05 Billion at North American Box Offices, Making Bruce the Eigth Highest Grossing Actor in Any Leading Role in Hollywood.

Here You Have a Two-Time Emmy Award–Winning, Golden Globe Award–Winning and Four-Time Saturn Award–Nominated Actor. 

So Please Join Me ln Wishing Bruce Willis a Very Happy Birthday !!

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