Thursday, 2 April 2015


The World Over! In Offering Up Huge Recognition to One of the Most Hardest Working Charity Bosses l Know.. The Boss of @Genetic Disorders UK's Laura Pattison..

                                                                     © Genetic Disorders UK
                                                                    © Genetic Disorders UK

I'd Had the Pleasure of Embarking Upon Laura's Tireless Work for the Fantastic Fashion Charity for Genetic Disorders Jeans for Genes a Few Years Back Upon a Great Japanese Friend of Mine Forwarding Me a Modeling Job for Jeans for Genes UK Which Led on to My Affiliation With Some Great Supporters of the Charity.. Such Supporters As Actor Wayne Harris..

So It's a Big Thank You Over to Laura Pattison of JeansforGenesUK and Join Us In Wishing a Lot More Fundraising Successes Their Way!

Jeans for Genes Day Takes Place On the 18TH SEPT 2015
👓 Find This Great Charity On~the~Web at Contact us

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