Thursday, 8 October 2015

Models Challenge Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week French Officials Create a Twist to This Year's PFWs16 By Endorsing Dwarf Fashion

Some Might Use the term; 'Disproportionate'.. 

..Others Feel It's.. 'RockOn!'..

Earlier This Week During Paris Fashion Week The French Government Had Decided to Support An Initiative to Promote Alternative Standards of Beauty Within An Industry That Promotes Being Tall and Thin.
The Culture Ministry Hosted An Entire O/s (Off Schedule) Fashion Show That Took Place on Friday Evening Beside the Normal Paris Fashion Week Calendar.
Fifteen Women Dwarves All Measuring Under 4 feet 4 inches— Trod the Boards Proudly in the Latest Colorful Spring-Summer Fashions, Designed By a Team of Designers for the Show.
Organizers Accuse the French Fashion Industry of "Discriminatory Diktats" That Exclude Short People from Being Considered Beautiful.
So What Are YOUR Veiws?
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