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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

My Coverage From The 2016 Paris Victorias Secret Fashion Show

The Date..

A Cold Day in Paris on the 1st of Dec '16

The Time..


The Place..

Paris Grand Palais 3 D'Avenue 
General Eisenhower, Paris France

       Pictured at Paris Grand Palais

As l Approach the Tall Building of One of Paris's Oldest Listed Buildings,
lt's Cold and My Fingers Feel As lf They Might Drop Off By the Time l Get to My Seat.. 
But l Have Arrived..

I Am Here to Blog-write Up On One of the Most Desired Lingerie Designers
Within the World of Lingerie Itself.. Ed Borgo

But I Get to Catchup At the Paris Show and At the Same Time Re-Visit Wonderful Champs D'lessee Paris 

This Time Is Autumn Time, And The Time of the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Pictured :: VS Models in Their Pre-Show PINK Gowns..

The 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show This Year Was Another of the Best Years Yet..

 Backstage the Usual Fashion Show Menagerie Was Aflutter ..

With MUAs and Hair Team Ever-ready..


As I Wandered Around It Was Clear to 
Feel the United Love and Great Vybes All Around In the Air and In Spirit..

Pictured :: PINK Model Wears Exclusive VS PINK Range

This Fall the Runway Show Featured Almost Over 82 Entirely Separate Angel Styles; Which This Year's Designer Highlighted Perfectly 
These Featured Bright Pinks in the Signature Tone of Victoria's Secret PINK 

Pictured :: PINK Model Wears Exclusive VS PINK Range


Featured All New Elasticated But Breathable Sports Bras With Matching Sports Panties Clearly Offering More Comfort Than No Comfort.

More Fittings / Backstage with Bella..

Around 50 Models In Total Graced the Runway for Limited Brand's Victoria's Secret New Collection 

Spectacular Designs Featured Matching Color-coded Accessories and Long Boots That Appeared to Go On Forever..
Above Pictured Left :: Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio

I Noted Quite a Few Particularly Gleaming Numbers Which Were Somewhat Too Irritating to the Eye Without My Missoni Spectacles On Which l'd Stupidly Misplaced Prior to Traveling. 
Nevertheless lt Was Totally and Awesomely Appealing to Simply Watch and Make My Notes

Of Course the Models Themselves Shined..Mannequins Included New Additions Gigi and Kendall Who Joined   
the Regular VS Angels On the Runway This Year 

Which Included Various Brights 

Pictured Left :: Supermodel Adri Lima
Right :: Supermodel Joan Smalls in Brights

Included More Varied Brights..

Pictured Top Left :: 
Top Right :: Kendall Jenner Wears Brights
Lower Left :: Supermodel Lais Ribeiro in Brights
Lower Right :: Supermodel Adri Wears Brights

Included Further Varied Brights..

 Pictured :: Super :: Alessandra Ambrosio

Pictured :: Gigi Hadid in Brights


As the Collection Moved Forwards, the Tones
Enhanced Both Deep and Bright Eye-catching Almost Decadent Golds..

Breathtaking Gold Notes..

 Awesome Gold Notes..

Super :: Candice in Breathtaking Gold Notes..

Stunning Gold Notes..

Super :: Candi in Breathtaking Gold Notes..

Awesome Gold Hues With Golden Hues of Metallic Wings and Mesmerising Shine!


Pictured :: Supermodel Jasmin Tookes Exclusively Wears Exclusive VS Fantasy Bra Set

This Year's Fantasy Bra Was Made Up of 9000 Swarovski Gem Stones and Took 700hrs of Labour-time to Construct 
and Weighed in at a Total of 450 Carats
That's Just Over a Month to Create!

Every Heavenly Curve of Top Model Ms Tookes's Sculptured Body Was Accounted For By 2016 VSFS Jewelery Designer Eddie Borgo in the Designer's Thoughtful Use of Plaster Moulds to Ensure the Utmost Perfect Fit

In Jasmin's Own Words; "Honoured"

Pictured :: VSFS Models Wear Exclusive VS Range 

Pictured :: VSFS Models Wear Exclusive VS Range

Was Altogether Another Fantastic Fashion Show!

Written by Nets

Nets is a Runway, Photographic Model
and Model~Blogger
When Not Blogging You Can Locate Her in Front of a Half Decent NIKON

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

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