Sunday, 20 August 2017


PR : #InFOOD ..On the Subject of Food Marketing

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I usually blog about fashion but It was hard to resist highlighting some of the Pr errors that take place in the marketing of food today..

Brand : Tilda

On the subject of Tilda's new caribbean rice series it's fair to observe that west indians have invested in Tilda rice either way for as long as our grandmothers can remember so for the Pr dept at /for Tilda the company needn't feel that they have to stretch to having to brand in rio-style carnival colours and deliberately name one of its products in its latest Carribean series, 'Carribean Rice & Peas' in what appears to be an attempt to gain more west indian customers for Tilda.

Error 1.. the rio carnival style colours and labelling the product  an 'authentic street-food recipe' choices make a deliberate reference to using an age old tradition of the carnival street festival as a reason for people to purchase this temporary limited edition Tilda rice product from supermarket shelves
additionally an 'authentic street-food recipe' product which would not necessarily give everyday rice /food shoppers the authentic experience of the authentic rice & peas that you would experience at a carribean street carnival festival event either.

Error 2.. the purposely labelled 'Limited Edition'

With the one great thing about the product being gluten free - this product was something that Tilda could have, by keeping to more simple references, could have really used this product to give back to and celebrate its carribean population rice buyers from over the years and in a less obviously blatant stereotypical and sales-greedy way.

Can't wait to see what's up next for Tilda's next cultured rice series attempt - possibly 'Tilda Genuine Goodness Sticky Asian Sticky Sushi Rice'

Can't wait to see the expression on the faces of every japanese individual that walks into the supermarket(s)!

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