Wednesday, 17 October 2018


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Africa Fashion Week Los Angeles (AFWLA) is a unique and innovative event focused on bridging the gap between US buyers and African designers and artists. Our objective is to enhance the African textile and art industry by providing a platform for established and emerging African creatives to showcase their talents to a broad audience. AFWLA allows designers and artists to take advantage of global opportunities and gain international exposure while growing their businesses therefore, boosting the African economy. We define Africa in diasporic terms, which include designers, artists and affiliates with links to the African continent from all parts of the globe. AFWLA is committed to exhibiting collections of excellence and we aim to provide potential buyers with a diverse array of pieces and looks. AFWLA events include runway shows, art exhibitions, industry networking mixers, pop up shops, and more. Our events and programs link international partners, business leaders, local buyers, agents, editors, celebrities, and industry insiders to the vibrant fashion and art that Africa has to offer. To learn more about the producers of Africa Fashion Week Los Angeles, please visit,      

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