Monday, 10 June 2019

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London Architects 

As I explored on through london's creative soho region whilst still 
immeasurably inspired by the Designer Chalayan as I stumbled upon one
of the most uniquely styled architect's that I have come across in quite some time... woods bagot.
Tucked away in the heart of soho london,
 this London architecture firm's design-style and silhouette very similar to that of the Designer Hussein Chalayan.

As I spent time meeting them, I thought on about
the link between this designer's design-style and
Woods Bagot design firm's strong shapes and whilst currently focused on the designer project,
had pleasantly concluded on my departure;
the strong comparisons that can exist between a Fashion Designers work style and architecture industry and looking at the link between the two.

Woods Bagot is A People Architecture Company
placing human experiences at the epicenter of their design process.

With much thanks to James Taylor at Woods Bagot Design

Locate their London office at 
75 Riding House Street
United Kingdom
T. +44207 637 6880

Woods Bagot can be Located Internationally here
88 Kearny Street
Flr 19
San Francisco
94108 USA
T. +1 415 277 3000

Written by Net Florence
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